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2019 Resolutions

Resolution 2019-54 Approving District Employee Health Plan For Calendar Year 2020 Resolution 2019-53 Approving Agreement Between GCSD and Moyle Excavation Inc, For The Rattlesnake Creek Sewer Replacement Project Resolution 2019-52 Approving Agreement With The City And County Of SFO And Tuolumne County Transportation Commission For The Instalation Of A Changeable Message Board On Hetch Hetchy Water And Power Lot 426, GCSD Lift Station 16 Resolution 2019-51 Authorizing The Execution And Delivery By The District Of An Installment Purchase Contract And Authorizing The Execution Of Other Necessary Documents And Related Actions Resolution 2019-50 Awarding A Purchase Contract To Zima Corporation, Kusters Water Division For The Fabrication And Supply of The Replacement For The Wastewater Sewer Headworks Screen Resolution 2019-49 Authorizing Application For The California Climate Fire Prevention GrantResolution 2019-48 Approve Amendment Number 1 to the 2016 Tuolumne County Fire Service Providers Mutual/Automatic Aid Agreement included as Attachment 1
Resolution 2019-47 Approving Agreement With SCI Consulting For Services Associated With The Analysis And Development Of A Fire Department Revenue Measure(s)Resolution 2019-46 Approving The 2019 Wastewater Treatment Plant And Lift Station 2 Improvement ProjectsResolution 2019-45 Approving Engagement Letter With Bryant L. Jolly To Preform The District's Annual Audit For Years Ended June 30, 2019, 2020, 2021Resolution 2019-43 Recognizing Renee Van Dyk For Exemplary Service Resolution 2019-42 Recognizing Meghan Orsetti For Exemplary ServiceResolution 2019-41 Recognizing Debra Percoco For Exemplary Service Resolution 2019-40 Approving District Donor/Sponsor Policy Resolution 2019-39 Authorizing Agreement With UMPQUA Bank to Participate In The District Purchasing Card ProgramResolution 2019-38 Approving Admendment To The District's Resvervation Of Park Facilities PolicyResolution 2019-37 Authorizing GCSD To Approve The Grant Between The District And Cal Fire For Distribution Of Funds Awarded Under The Volunteer Fire Assistance ProgramResolution 2019-36 Supporting Special District Representation On The Tuolumne County Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) And Approving Related ActionsResolution 2019-35 Allowing The General Manger To Enter Into Payments Arrangement Agreements With CustomersResolution 2019-34 Establishing Board Member Remuneration, In Accordance With Director's Policy 10.3 Resolution 2019-33 Approving Alternative Work Schedule Policy Which Allows For Implementation Of 9-80 And 4-10 Work SchedulesResolution  2019-32 Approving The Memorandum Of Understanding With The Operating Engineer's Local NO 3Resolution 2019-31 Approving And Establishing A Resident Firefighter And Fire Saftey InspectorResolution 2019-30 Collection Of Delinquent Charges Resolution 2019-29 Adopting The District's Final 2019/2020 FY BudgetResolution 2019-28 Adopting The Mitigated Negiative Declaration For The Downtown Groveland And Big Oak Flat Sewer Collections System InprovmentResolution 2019-27 Approving An Employment Agreement With Peter Kampa For The Position Of General ManagerResolution 2019-26 Approving A Legislative Advocacy PolicyResolution 2019-25 Adopting A Designated Water Reserve System ReserveResolution 2019-24 Approving Impementation FY 2019/20 Sewer Rates To Be Effective July 1, 2019Resolution 2019-23 Approving Implementation FY 2019/20 Water Rates To Be Effective July 1, 2019Resolution 2019-22 Approving Agreement With Smith Construction Company  Resolution 2019-21 Removing Drought Water Restrictions And Implementation Of Water Use Requirments Consistant With Those Of The State Resolution 2019-20 Nominating Candidate Robert Swan For Election To The Special District Risk Managment Resolution 2019-19 Adopting An Updated Multi-Jurisdictional Local Hazard Mitigation Plan Resolution 2019-18 Creating A Groveland Community Emergency Responce Team Resolution 2019-17 Approving Agreement With Citygate Associates Resolution 2019-16 Approving Agreement With Aquasierra Controls, Inc. Resolution 2019-15 Approving Agreement With California CAD Solutions Inc. Resolution 2019-14 Approving Application(s) For Per Capita Grant Funds Through The Department Of Parks And Recreation Resolution 2019-13 Approving An Option And Lease Agreement Between Groveland Community Services District And New Cingular Wireless PSC, LLC For Cell Site At Second Garrote Resolution 2019-12 Accepting The Compensation Survey Prepared By Koff And AssociatesResolution 2019-11 Approving A Revised Policy Providing Requirements For District Staff Use Of Credit Cards For General Purchasing Resolution  2019-10 MOU Federal Emergency Managment Agency Staffing For Adequate Fire & Emergency Response GrantResolution 2019-09 Approving District Informal Bidding Ordinance 1-19Resolution 2019-08 Approving An Amendment To The District Miscellanous Fee Scedule Resolution 2019-07 Approving 2018-19 Budget Adjustments Resolution 2019-06 Approving Agreement With Tuolumne Stanislaus Regional Water Managment AuthorityResolution 2019-05 Amending District's Purchasing/Contracting Policy Resolution 2019-04 Approving Updated Sewer System Managment Plan (SSMP)Resolution 2019-03 Approving District's Debt Managment PolicyResolution 2019-02 Approving Board Norms And ProtocolResolution 2019-01 Amending District's Leak Adjustment Policy