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Water Conservation

With No Drought Restrictions in Place, GCSD May Transition to State 1 of its Water Shortage Contingency Plan                             


The Urban Water Management Planning Act requires that each water supplier provide a Water Shortage Contingency Plan that outlines how the supplier will prepare for and respond to water shortages. The Plan outlines the District’s stages of response based on water supply conditions within the District’s service area.

Stages of Action

The Water Shortage Contingency Plan provides six stages of response based on water supply conditions due to water supply conditions within the service area. The initial Advisory Stage, set at 10 percent reduction, is a voluntary stage to preserve water in the early stages of a potential shortage. The other five stages of  conservation levels identified in the Plan are designated to respond to increasingly severe supply shortages. 

State 1 – Potential Shortage Stage 1 will always be in place, even in non drought conditions as a water waste prohibition to provide a conservation program framework for reducing GCSD demands by up to 10 percent. 

The following conservation measures will be implemented during this stage:

• Education programs

• Promotion of water-saving landscaping

• Requirement of low-flow fixtures in new developments.

• Meter and/or flow control for all customer accounts and plant production activities.

• Maintain tiered water rates for treated water.

• Prohibit wasteful use of water.

• Review water measuring and/or metering devices for accuracy.



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