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Operating Policies and Procedures Manual

It is the intent of the Board of Directors of the District to maintain a District Operational Policies and Procedures Manual. Contained in the Manual shall be a comprehensive listing and description of the Board’s current operational policies and procedures, which constitute the rules and regulations enacted by the Board from time to time to govern the operations of the District. The District’s Operational Policies and Procedures Manual is intended to serve as a resource for directors, staff and members of the public in determining the manner in which the District’s business is to be conducted. The District’s Operational Policies and Procedures Manual consists of the following sections.  Click on the link for more information and to download the desired policy.  

Section 100 Board Policies and Procedures

Section 100 Board Policies and Procedures 

Section 200 Public Records Management Policies

Section 200 Public Records Management

Section 300  Personnel Policies

Section 300 Personnel Policies

Section 400  Financial Policies 

Section 400 Financial Policies

Section 500 Deeds Easements and Enchroachments

Section 500 Deeds, Easements and Encroachments

Section 600 Facility Development

Section 600 Facilities Development Policies

Section 700 Safety and Security Policies

Section 700 Saftey and Security Policies

Section  800 Administrative Policies for the District’s Parks System

Section 800 Park System Policies

Section 900 Miscellaneous Policies and Procedures

Section 900 Miscellaneouse Policies & ProcuduresLeak Adjustment PolicyLeak Adjustment Application

These policies can be amended by the Board at any time.