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Policy Manual of the Board of Directors

This manual has been compiled from the District’s records on such matters (various resolutions), from model policies provided by the California Special Districts Association (CSDA), from the practical experience gained by GCSD Directors, and material from other Special Districts. Its use is intended to assist GCSD Directors with their duties and responsibilities by providing basic guidelines in one comprehensive and dynamic source. Overall, its use should help new Directors quickly comprehend what is expected from them, while supporting the Board’s goal to conduct the District’s business in an orderly, efficient, effective and respectful manner, compliant with the rules and regulations governing California Special Districts.

Preface.pdfExhibit A, Board Member Code of Ethics.pdfExhibit B, Guidelines for Public Comment at Board Meetings.pdfSection 1 and 2, General Rules and Basis of Authority.pdfSection 3, Board Structure.pdfSection 4, Board Meeting Procedures.pdfSection 5, Board Meeting Agenda.pdfSection 6, Board Meeting Conduct.pdfSection 7, Parlamentary Procedure.pdfSection 8, Minutes of Board Meetings.pdfSection 9, Attendance at Meetings.pdfSection 10, Remuneration and Reimbursement.pdfSection 11, Members of the Board of Directors.pdfSection 12, Training, Education, Conferences and Offsite Meetings.pdfSection 13, Ethics Training.pdf