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Groveland Community Services District

The Groveland Community Services District (GCSD) is a Special District formed by the State of California. Our mission is to provide environmentally sound, economic, and compliant services that meet our customer's needs for water and wastewater treatment, fire protection, and park facilities in the unincorporated township of Groveland, California.

The GCSD service area covers approximately 15 square miles in southern Tuolumne County. The District is bounded on the north by the Tuolumne River, on the south by Mariposa County, on the east by the Stanislaus National Forest, and on the west by Moccasin. GCSD is the owner and operator of the Groveland Water System, which receives water from the City and County of San Francisco's Hetch Hetchy water system.

GCSD's Water System distributes the water to the populated areas of Big Oak Flat, Groveland, and Pine Mountain Lake. The GCSD water supply and distribution system includes three water treatment plants, five storage reservoirs, and approximately 70 miles of distribution piping. The District provides a treated water supply to approximately 3,500 customers. The District also owns and operates the regional wastewater collection, treatment, and regional recycled water system, which provides sewer service to approximately 1,500 customers within the District's service area.