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Meet the Board

The Groveland Community Services District (also referred to as GCSD or District) is governed by a five-member Board of Directors elected to four-year terms. The Board annually selects two Board members to serve as President and Vice-President for a specifed period; typically of one year. The Board exists to establish direction, values and service levels for the District through the development of policies and is also responsible for adopting an annual budget and providing financial oversight. The General Manager is appointed by the Board to implement Board policies and manage daily District operations.

The Role of the Board and Management of a CSD.pdf

The GCSD is an independent special district, the most local form of government. The District is governed by a five member Board of Directors, elected by voters registered within District boundaries. Directors serve 4-year staggered terms with elections occurring on even years as part of the Tuolumne County election processes, on the same schedule as the statewide general election (for information on elections please visit the Tuolumne County Elections website.  

Appointments to the board are made as necessitated by a resignation or other incidental vacating of a Board seat. The Board may make an appointment to fill the vacancy, call a special election, or defer to the County to make the appointment subject to law.