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2004 Resolutions

1-04 Commending Carol Ann Carlson for Over Seventeen Years Dedicated Service.pdf2-04 Authorizing Investment of Monies in the Local Agency Investment Fund.pdf3-04 Setting the Time and Place for the Meetings of the Board.pdf4-04Directing Preparation of the 2004-05 Engineer's Report for the Groveland Fire and Rescue Assessment District.pdf5-04 Intention to Levy Assessments for Fiscal Year 2004-05, Preliminarily Approving Engineer's Report, and Providing for Notice of Hearing for the Groveland Community Services District.pdf6-04 Authorizing Continuing Budget Appropriations for Fiscal Year 2004-05.pdf7-04 Approving Engineer's Report, Confirming Diagram and Assessment and Ordering Levy of Assessment for Fiscal Year 2004-05 for the Groveland Community Services District.pdf08-04 Adopting A District Credit Card Policy.pdf9-04 Commending AdminFinance Manager John L. Barnhart for Dedicated Services to the District.pdf10-04 In Appreciation of Peter Barsotti for Outstanding Community Service.pdf11-04 In Appreciation of Assemblyman Dave Cogdill, Senator Richard Monteith, Senator Charles Poochigian, Tuolumne AuditorController Tim Johnson.pdf12-04 Commending Harold O. Craig, Civil Engineer for Twenty Five Years of Dedicated Service to the District.pdf13-04 In Support of the Tuolumne County Community Indicators Project.pdf14-04 Adopting the Groveland Community Services District Local Hazard Mitigation Plan (District Plan).pdf15-04 Adopting the Official Policy Manual of the Board of Directors.pdf