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2006 Resolutions

10-06 Authorizing Continuing Budget Appropriations for Fiscal Year 2006-07.pdf2-06 Directing Preparation of the 2006-07 Engineer's Report for the Groveland Fire and Rescue Assessment District.pdf4-06 Deeming Certain Equipment and Vehicles to be Surplus and Authorizing Staff to Sell Said Equipment and Vehicles at Public Auction.pdf7-06 Approving Adoption of California Public Employees' Deferred Compensation Plan.pdf8-06 Declaring Intention to Reimburse Expenditures Relating to Water and Wastewater Projects from the Proceeds of Tax-Exempt Obligations of the District.pdf12-06 Authorizing Application of Federal Excess Personal Property in Accordance with Title IV, Rural Development Act of 1972, (PL 92-419).pdf16-06 Recognizing Director Craig Maxwell for Dedicated Service to the District.pdf1-06 Adoption of the Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Procedures.pdf6-06 Intention to Levy Assessments for Fiscal Year 2006-07, Preliminarily Approving Engineer's Report, and Providing for Notice of Hearing for the Groveland Community Services District.pdf18-06 Approving the Department of Forestry and Fire Protection Agreement #7FG60106.pdf5-06 Clarifying Per Diem Payment and Expense Reimbursement to Directors and Adoption of Ethics Training Requirements.pdf9-06 Approving Engineer's Report, Confirming Diagram and Assessment and Ordering Levy of Assessment and Ordering Levy of Assessment for Fiscal Year 2006-07 for the Groveland Community Services District.pdf15-06 Approving a Loan and Security Agreement, a Promissory Note; and Authorizing Certain Other Actions in Connection Therewith.pdf17-06 Authorizing Documents and Official Actions Relating to the Installment Sale Financing of Water and Wastewater System Improvements.pdf13-06 Establishing a Depository and Authorizing Financial Transactions.pdf