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2018 Resolutions

Resolution 1-18 Authorizing Amendment to CalPERS Contract.pdfResolution 2-18 Authorizing General Manager to File Grant Application for Water System Rehab Grant.pdfResolution 3-18 Authorizing General Manager to Sign Documents Related to Water System Rehab Grant.pdfResolution 4-18 Stating Intention to be Reimbursed for Expenditures for Water System Upgrade.pdfResolution 5-18 Adopting Hazard Mitigation Plan.pdfResolution 6-18 Declaring Board Members and Volunteers to be Covered by Worker's Comp.pdfResolution 7-18 Establishing Date and Time for Regular Board Meetings.pdfResolution 8-18 Approving Amendments to Investment Policy.pdfResolution 9-18 Approving Water Rate Increase for 2018.pdfResolution 10-18 Ameding the 2017-2018 Budget.pdfResolution 11-18 Approving Amendment to the District Reservation of Park Facilities Policy.pdfResolution 13-18 A Resolution Approving a Development Agreement for the Airport Estates DevelopmentResolution 12-18 A Resolution Eliminating Renters Deposits .pdfResolution 14-18 Approving a 2017-2018 Park Budget Amendment.pdfResolution 15-18 Adopting Fiscal Year 18-19 Preliminary Budget.pdfResolution 16-18 Supporting Special District Representation on the Tuo. CO LAFCO.pdfResolution 17-18 A Resolution Accepting the 2018 Sewer Rate Study.pdfResolution 18-18 A Resolution Regarding Collection of Delinquent Charges.pdfResolution 19-18 A Resolution Authorizing the Interfund Borrowing and Transfer of $150,000 from the Fire Fund to the Park Fund.pdfResolution 20-18 A Resolution Approving Agreement with Moyle Construction for Park Flood Restoration.pdfResolution 21-18 A Resolution Establishing a Revised Regular Meeting Date and Time.pdfResolution 22-18 A resolution adopting Increased Sewer rates to fund sewer services.pdfResolution 23-18 A Resolution of the BOD Expressing Appreciation to Groveland Rotary Club.pdfResolution 24-18 A Resolution Approving a Fire Grant Agreetment Between Groveland Fire and CA Fire Foundation for the Purchase of WUI Bags.pdfResolution 25-18 A Resolution Approving a Consulting Services Agreement with Koff & Assoc. for the Preparation of the District's Classification, Comp, and Benefits.pdfResolution 26-18 A Resolution Approving Agreement with Nijirich & Sons, Inc. for Installation of New Concrete Sludge Drying Pad.pdfResolution 27-18 A Resolution Approving & Adopting the District's Final 2018-19 Fiscal Year Budget.pdfResolution 28-18 Accepting an Exclusive Sewer Easement Grant Deed.pdfResolution 29-18 Approving Agreement with Moyle Excavation, Inc., for the Entrance Parking Lot Flood Restoration Project.pdfResolution 30-18 Approving Agreement with Moyle Excavation Inc., for the Maintenance Yard Flood Restoration Project.pdfResolution 31-18 Adopting Plans and Specs and Authorizing Bidding and Adopting CEQA NOE for Storm Damage Related Projects.pdfResolution 32-18 Expressing Appreciation to Mr. Davis for his Volunteered Time.pdfResolution 33-18 Expressing Appreciation for Blue Mountain Minerals.pdfResolution 34-18 Approving Notice of Award to Moyle Excavation, Inc., for Ferretti Rd Water and Sewer Line Repairs.pdfResolution 35-18 Approving Notice of Award to Moyle Excavation, Inc., for Flume Renovation Project.pdfResolution 36-18 Authorizing Change Order with Njirich &Sons, Inc. for Sludge Drying Bed Project.pdfResolution 37-18 Adopting Mitigated Negative Declaration for Water Distribution System Improvements Project.pdfResolution 38-18 Approving 2018 District Communications Plan.pdfResolution 39-18 Approving Miscellaneous Fee Schedule.pdfResolution 40-18 Amending District's Conflict of Interest Policy.pdfResolution 41-18 Approving New Claims Policy.pdfResolution 42-18 Authorizing GCSD to Apply for Fire Prevention Grant.pdf