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2023 Resolutions

Resolution 56-2023  Approving the Potable Water  Storage and Distribution System Improvements Project and Authorize Public Bidding Resolution 55-2023 Authorizing Subrecipient Agreement between the County and the District for the GCSD Downtown Groveland-Big Oak Flat Water System Improvements Project Resolution 54-2023 Authorizing the General Manager to file NOC with the County for the Pavement ProjectResolution 53-2023 Authorizing the General Manger to file NOC  with the County for the Emergency Generator ProjectResolution 52-2023 Commending Debra Percoco for her Efforts and Accomplishments while Serviving the Groveland Community Services District Resolution 51-2023 Approving the Revised Consulting Agreement with Roni Lynn Rudy for Social Media Management and other Public Outreach Services Resolution 50-2023 Approving and Implementing the Revised District Communication Plan  Resolution 49-2023 Accepting  the 2023 Intergrated Water and Wastewater Master Plan  Resolution 48-2023 Approving a Prelimiary Design and Cost Estimate for the Future Expansion of the Groveland Fire Station Resolution 47-2023 Approving an Agreement with Well Industries, Inc., The Lowest Bidder for the Hardrock Groundwater Test Well Project Resolution 46-2023 Authorizing the General Manager to Issue Request for Qualifications for the Preliminary Engineering, Planning, Design, Construction Management and Administration for the Hetch Hetchy Railroad Project Resolution 45-2023 Approving the Design and Construction Plans for the Groveland Asset Rehabilitation and Beautification Project and Authorizing the Geveral Manager to Proceed with Public BiddingResolution 44-2023 Authorizing the General Manager to Issue a Request for Proposal for Analysis and Development of a Fire Department Revenue Measure(s) Intended to Provide Revenue to Maintain and Improve Fire Services Resolution 43-2023 Approving Master Funding Agreement Between the District and Tuolumne County Transportaion Council for the Hetch Hetchy Trail ProjectResoluttion 42-2023 Approving a Maintenance Agreement for Leon Rose Ball FieldResolution 41-2023 Accepting 20 Foot Exclusive Sewer Easement  Grant DeedResolution 40-2023 Adopting the District's Final 2023/2024 Fiscal Year Budget Resolution 39-2023   Approving Volunteer Fire Capacity Program Grant Resolution  38-2023 Declaring  Certain District Property Surplus and Authorizing the Sale of Equipment by Public Bidding Resolution 37-2023 Approving a Cooperative Fire Protection Agreement with California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection Resolution 36-2023 Approving a Revised License and Cost eimbursement Agreement Between the District and Tuolumne County for Funding an Additional Fire Apparatus and Associated Funding Resolution 35-2023 Commending Cal Fire Captain Pactrick Cohen for his Service and Accomplishments Resolution 34-2023 Regarding Collection of Delinquent ChargesResolution 33-2023 Adopting the District Preliminary  2023/2024 Fiscal Year Budget Resolution 32-2023 Authorizing the General Manager to enter into a Professional Services Agreement with White Brenner LLC, for General Legal Services Resolution 31-2023  Approving Agreement with Moyle  Excavation to Provide On Call Emergency, Small Capital Improvement Projects and Maintenance Construction ServicesResolution 30-2023 Establishing Board Remuneration in Accordance with Director's Policy 10.3Resolution 29-2023 Accepting the Construction Improvements for the WWTP Pond 1 Liner Replacement Notice of Completion Resolution 27-2023 Addendum to Professional Services Agreement with NBS for the Purpose of Updating the District Impact Fee StudyResolution 26-2023 Authorizing the GM to ente into an MOU with IRWM to Coordinate and Implement the Installation of a Water Fill StationResolution 25-2023 Accepting Grant From the County  of Tuolumne of the Sewer and Water Infrastructure at the Grovelend Community Resilience Center Resolution 24-2023 Prohibiting the Abandonment of District Public Utility Easements Resolution 23-2023 Amending and Updating District Salary Schedule to Include Board Member Compensation Resolution 22-2023 Rescinding Declaration of Stage 2  & Implementing Stage 1 of the District's Water Shortage Contingency Plan Resolution 21-2023 Approving the Proposal from WRT for Groveland Asser Rehabilitation and Beautification Project Design Assistance and Bid Support Resolution 20-2023 Approving the Hardrock Groundwater Test Well Project and Authorize Public Bidding  Resolution 19-2023 Designation of Applicants Agent for Non-State Agencies Resolution 18-2023  Amending the Water Leak Adjustment PolicyResolution 17-2023 Amending the Claims Against District Policy Resolution 16-2023 Amending the Compensation of Board Members PolicyResolution 15-2023 Adopting a Cocial Media Policy  Resolution 14-2023 Approving a Revised and Updated District Organizational Chart to Reflect the Replacement of the District Accountant Position with a Finance OfficerResolution 13-2023 Adopting  the Mitigated Negative Decllaration for the GCSD Drought Improvments ProjectResolution 12-2023 Awarding a Consulting Services Agreement to NBS to Perform a Water and Sewer Rate StudyResolution 11-2023 Nominating Robert Swan as a Candidate for Election to the Special District Managment Authority BoardResolution 10-2023 Commending  CAL FIRE Captain Dave Donabedian for his Service and Accomplishments While Serving GCSD Fire Department  Resolution 09-2023 Authorizing the General Manager to Enter into an Agreement with TUD for Mutual Assistance Agreement Resolution 08-2023 Approving an AB 2449 Policy Related to the Brown Act and Remote Meeting Attendance Resolution 07-2023  Authorizing the Award of the Headworks Improvement Project to Sierra Mountain Construction Resolution 06-2023 Execution and Delivery of a Lease Agreement with Municipal Financial CorporationResolution 05-2023 Accepting the Procedure and Policy Manual as Amended Resolution 04-2023 Establishing a Revised Meeting LocationResolution 02-2023 Re-Authorizing Remote Meetings Resolution 01-2023 Authorizing Investments In The California CLASS Investment Pool