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2021 Resolutions 

Resolution 27-2021 Approving the Department of Forestry and Fire Protection Agreement #7GF21049Resolution 26-2021 Approving the Agreement with NBS to Facilitate the Process of Annexation of Properties into the Community Facilities District 2021-1, Public Services Resolution 25-2021 Establishing the Definition of Development as it Relates to the types of Projects to which the CFD 2021-01 will ApplyResolution 24-2021 Establishing Board Member Remuneration Resolution 23-2021 Approving an Agreement with WRT for the Design, CEQA Documentation and Related Services for the Mary Laveroni Community Parl ImprovmentsResolution 22-2021 Establishing the Formation of a Community Facilities District- Groveland Community Services District Community Facilities District No. 2021-1 (Public Services)Resolution 21-2021 Accepting the Final Report-Development Impact Fee Study and Adopting the Park and Fire Service Impact FeesResolution 20-2021 Approving the Placement of Delinquent Charges for FY 2020-21 on Property Tax RollsResolution 19-2021 Authorizing the Award of the Sewer Collection System Improvements Project  to Moyle Excavation Resolution 18-2021 Declaring its Intention to Establish a Community Facilities District Initially Consisting Soley of Territory Proposed for Annexation to the Community Facilities District in the Future and to Authorize the Levy of Special Taxes Therein  Resolution 17-2021 Adopting Local Goals and Policies from Community Facilities Districts Resolution 16-2021 Adopting the District's Final 2021/2022 Fiscal Year Budget and Related ActionsResolution 15-2021 Approving Implementation of the Previously Authorized Sewer Rate Increase for the Fiscal Year 21 /22 Resolution 14-2021 Approving the 2021 Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvement Project Resolution 13-2021 Approving Reestablishing Customer Late Fee Penalties and Interest Charges Resolution 12-2021 Authorizing Application for the California Climate Investments (CCI) Grant Resolution 11-2021 Approving the Downtown Groveland Big Oak Flat Sewer Collection System ProjectResolution 10-2021 Commending Battalion Chief Jude Acosta for his efforts and Accomplishments while serving the Groveland Fire DepartmentResolution 09-2021 approving a Plan Check and Inspection Agreement with Tuolumne County for the Groveland Community Resilience CenterResolution 08-2021 Modifying the District Organizational Chait to Add One Full Time Collections/Distribution System Operator I/II/III Position Resolution 07-2021 Approving a Contract Change Order with Ragsdale and Sons Inc. for the Groveland Community Services District Pavement Rehabilitation Project approving Bid Additive Item No. 2 for Tank #2. Resolution 06-2021 Approve the Attached Updated Board Remuneration PolicyResolution 05-2021 Rescind Resolution 01-2021 with its Approvals and Actions No Longer Valid; and
Ratify the General Manager's Execution of an Advance Funding Agreement with Preserve Partners, Inc. to Secure Funding Deposits to Cover the Cost of Legal, Administrative, and Engineering Services Associated with the HWY 120 Lodging Project (formerly Yonder Yosemite)
Resolution 03-2021 Awarding a Contract with Ragsdale & Sons for the Rebid of the Groveland Community Services District Pavement Rehabilitation Project and Authorizing the General Manager to Award the Construction Contract Resolution 04-2021 Approve an Agreement with Gilbert and Associates for Accounting Services Resolution 02-2021 Authorize an Memorandum of Understanding with Tuolumne County Fire Department to Submit a Joint Grant Application to the Sonora Area Foundation for Rapid Intervention Team Pack Fast Attack Emergency Air Supply Units at a cost of $13,845.16 and approve the General Manager to sign any related documentsResolution 01-2021 Ratify and Approve the General Manager's Execution of an Advance Funding Agreement with TK Consulting to Secure Funding Deposits to Cover the Cost of Legal, Administrative and Engineering Services Associated with the Hwy 120 Lodging Project (Formerly Yonder Yosemite)