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2022 Resolutions 

Resolution 27-2022 Authourizing the General Manager to Execute Agreements  with the California Department of TransportationResolution 26-2022 Approving of Healthcare and Saftey Coalition (HCSC) of Tuolumne CountyResolution 25-2022 Adopting the Districts  Final 2022/23 FY Budget and Related ActionsResolution 24-2022 Commending Assistant Fire Chief Andy Murphy Resolution 23-2022 Amending the System of Accounting Policies to Increase the Limit of Accounting for Fixed Assets Resolution 22-2022 Establishing Board Member Remuneration Resolution 21-2022 Approving Implementation of the Previously Athourized Sewer Rate Increase for FY 2022/23Resolution 20-2022  Re-Authorizing Remote Teleconference Meetings Resolution 19-2022 Re-Authorizing Remote Teleconference MeetingsResolution 18-2022 Approving a Consulting Services Agreement with Patrick Engineering Resolution 17-2022 Authorizing the Award  of the Pavement Rehabilitation Phase 2 Project Resolution 16-2022 Re-Authorizing Remote Teleconference MeetingsResolution 15-2022 Opposing Initiative 21-0042A1Resolution 14-2022 Approving the Pavement Rehabilitation (Phase 2) ProjectResolution 13-2022 Authorizing the Award of the WWTP Pond 1 Liner Replacement ProjectResolution 12-2022 Re-Authorizing Remote Teleconference MeetingsResolution 11-2022 Approving the Renewal of the Amended License Agreement with PE&E for Public Saftey Power Shutoff Events Located at Mary Laveroni ParkResolution 10-2022 Re-Authorizing Remote Teleconference MeetingsResolution 09-2022 Re-Authorizing Remote Teleconference MeetingsResolution 08-2022 Amending the Board of Directors Policy Related to the Formation and Use of Board CommitteesResolution 07-2022 Amending the District's Land Development Policies to Clarify the District's Requirement that all New Land Subdivisions and Large Commercial Developments Must Fund their Actual  Cost of the Fire and Park Services as Detailed in the Fiscal Impact Analysis, as Amended Resolution 06-2022 Amending the District's Local Rules and Policies Related to the Formation of Community Facilities DistrictsResolution 05-2022 Re-Authorizing Remote Telonference MeetingsResolution 04-2022 Approving an Addendumto the Mitigated Negative Declaration for the Downtown Groveland and Big Oak Flat Sewer Collection System Improvements Resolution 03-2022 Rescinding the Community Facilities District 2021-01 (Public Services) Future Annexation Area Establishing Pursuant to District Resolutions 18-2021, 22-2021 and Rescinding Special Tax Ordinance 1-2021 Resolution 02-2022 Accepeting an Exclusive Sewer Easement Grant Deed  Resolution 01-2022 Re-Authorizing Remote Teleconference Meetings