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Youth Center

Historically, the Groveland Youth Center was located between the market and the pizza parlor, on property owned by the City of San Francisco. When Tuolumne County received a federal grant to re-build its dilapidated Youth Center building, GCSD suggested that the County move the new building to Mary Laveroni Community Park. If located in the Park, the Youth Center would be near the Museum and Library and would have access to park amenities such as the skate park, basketball court, lawn areas and playground equipment. Tuolumne County embraced the change of location, and began construction on the new Youth Center building in the summer of 2009. The building was erected in December 2009.

A small building labeled 'YOUTH CENTER' with windows, a door, and a ramp access.

The partnership between GCSD and the County Parks & Recreation Department will provide the youth of Groveland with a great place for play in a safe environment. Expanding the partnership to include the School District will add an opportunity for the kids to improve their academic skills.

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