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Wastewater Master Plan

Rainbow over a water treatment plant with trees and overcast sky.

Groveland Community Services District (GCSD or the District) owns and operates the wastewater system servicing the communities of Groveland, Big Oak Flat and Pine Mountain Lake. Located in southern Tuolumne County in the central Sierra Nevada Mountains, the system consists of 16 lift stations, 35 miles of gravity mains, seven miles of force mains and a wastewater treatment plant. Most facilities in the system are approaching 30-years old and are experiencing more frequent failures, manifesting themselves as sewage spills and discharge permit violations. The existing system was not designed to live far into the 21st Century and the District is faced with embarking on a major capitol program designed to satisfy the community’s needs and meet regulatory requirements.

Intergrated Water and Wastewater Master Plan 2023