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Request For Proposals (RFP) Total Compensation and Benefit Study

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The Groveland Community Services District (GCSD, District) invites interested, qualified, and professional consulting firms (Consultant) to submit written proposals to evaluate, analyze, and prepare a Total Compensation and Benefit Study for the District. It is the District’s desire to obtain a consultant with public sector experience in completing total compensation studies. Familiarity with California drinking water treatment and distribution, wastewater collections and treatment certification requirements is preferred, but not essential. The consultant is expected to review existing job descriptions, compensation, and benefits. The District also expects the consultant to obtain and consider both employee and management feedback; analyze and incorporate local and comparable employers' compensation and benefits; interpret industry trends and potential implications to the District labor force; and make recommendations for revisions to the District's compensation rates and benefit package.

Proposal Due Date: July 12, 2024

Contact: Jennifer Donabedian, Administrative Services Manager (209) 962-7161 Ext. 1013

GCSD Total Comp-Benefit Study RFP 2024.pdf

Request for Proposals Q&A

  • Is the District comfortable with the study being conducted 100% virtual with no on-site visits?

Answer: Yes, 100% virtual is acceptable.

  • Can the District please provide a list of the 21 classifications and/or salary schedule for the positions to be studied?

Answer: Salary Schedule, with positions attached. General Manager and Board members are not included in this study.

  • Does the District require the completion of the study by a particular deadline?

Answer: Timely completion of the study will be a large factor in the scoring of proposals received. However, completion by mid-September is ideal.

Question: Regarding the budget for the study, could you please disclose the established budget amount?

Answer: Based on the cost of prior studies and work scope for this year, we expect and have budgeted for costs ranging between $20,000 and $40,000.