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New Construction

This process applies only to those properties where water and/or sewer service are already available. If these services are not available, please see the application for water/sewer service by main extension application below, and contact District staff at (209) 962-7161.

For installation of a new water meter or sewer connection please follow the steps below:

  1. Complete a Water Service Application and/or Sewer Service Application (below)
  2. Provide District Staff with a copy of the property’s plot plan and building permit
  3. Submit payment of Connection Fee.

Standard Connection Fees

Water: $3,471.00
Sewer: $7,125.00

Standard Drawings (Adopted 03-09-2020)

20200310_GCSD Standard Drawings_adopted.pdf


Water Service ApplicationWater Service Connection SchematicWater Service Connection Requirements Sewer Service ApplicationApplication for Water / Sewer by Main Extension