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How to Read Your Meter

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Read each digit as you would the mileage indicator in your car except the last zero does not move. GCSD will read the meter to the nearest 10 gallons. The reading above would be recorded as 115,350 gallons.

The dial, with its sweep hand, registers 0.0 to 9.9 gallons and is normally used only for testing and leak detection. See the information below for how you can check for leaks.

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Calculating Use

Subtract the previous reading from the current reading:

Current reading:                  115.350
Previous reading:                 113,210
Gallons used (difference):      2,140

Checking for Leaks

A simple way to check for leaks that may exist anywhere in your home:

  1. Turn off all water inside and outside.
  2. Read your meter. Note where the sweep hand is on the dial.
  3. Wait 15-20 minutes and see if the sweep hand has moved.
  4. If the sweep hand has moved, there is a leak somewhere in your water system.