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Groveland Community Resource Center Opens 

PG&E has partnered with the Groveland CSD to locate a Community Resource Center (CRC) at the upper parking lot of Mary Laveroni Park.  The CRC will be open from 8:00AM to 8:00PM and will offer expanded services, including non-perishable snacks, water and coffee, additional charging capabilities for medical devices, PG&E customer giveaways such as batteries for flashlights and portable cell phone chargers as well as WiFi. These CRC’s will remain open until power is restored across the County.

Please note that the GCSD's primary involvement with the CRC was our efforts to coordinate with PG&E to encourage them to open a CRC in Groveland, and to lease the parking lot as a central location for the CRC, which is staffed and operated by PG&E.  If you have concerns or needs for the CRC, please communicate with PG&E staff at the CRC location.  If PG&E is unabvailable you can also email me directly at