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Easements, Deeds and Encroachments

The District Board of Directors may agree by resolution to accept a deed conveying fee simple title to real property or some interest in real property to the District. The Board of Directors of District may also authorize by resolution the execution of a Grant Deed by which the District conveys all or a portion of its interest in real property to a third party, by sale or exchange of said real property.

The District may determine that it is necessary for it to acquire rights of access across private property owned by third parties in order to access its water and sewer infrastructure, to operate and maintain all such water and sewer infrastructure, and to repair, replace, construct, and improve those portions of its water and sewer infrastructure that lie upon or within private property.

The District may alternatively determine that it is necessary to acquire rights to access and use portions of private property in order to fully execute its powers to provide fire suppression services, recreation and park facilities and services, and community center facilities and services.

Under certain circumstances it may be necessary for the District to grant easement rights to a third party such as an electrical utility, communications utility or natural gas utility.  The following policies detail the process used by the District to acquire, grant and abandon easement rights.  

501 Acceptance of Deeds.pdf502 EASEMENTS.pdf503 Right of Way and Entry Agreements.pdf504 Encroachment Permits.pdfAppendix 500A - Easement Agreement Public Utility Easement.pdfAppendix 500B - Easement Agreement.pdfAppendix 500C - Easement Agreement to Third Party.pdf