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Department of Public Works 

A flyer offering free sand at 11242 Wards Ferry Road, indicating to bring bags and shovels, with images of a snowy scene and sandbags.


Date: February 29, 2024
Division: Public Works
Contact: Director of Public Works
Phone: (209) 533-5601, option #1

As we prepare for the upcoming storm, we would like to remind residents and visitors of the Tuolumne County Snow Removal Policy and sand locations. Tuolumne County is expecting low-elevation snow and heavy rains throughout the weekend, and as a result, road crews will have additional roads to plow and/or maintain for flooding. We ask for your patience in advance and that you take the necessary precautions to ensure your own property is safe.

Our objective is to ensure one lane of traffic is opened for emergency services on all County-maintained roads. If your road is not County-maintained, please make arrangements with a snow removal contractor; in case of an emergency call 911.

It is illegal to park vehicles or store materials in the road right-of-way, which includes the shoulder. The County is not responsible for damages caused by snow removal operations to vehicles or personal items left in the road right-of-way. Also, if an illegally parked prevents snow removal equipment from plowing, this will delay snow removal for you and your neighbors.

Please remember that snow berms are created during plowing operations and they will not be removed by County road crews. To learn more about the County’s snow removal policy, you can access the document here:

Sand is available 24/7 at the following locations; please bring your own shovel and bag:
• Columbia – Airport parking lot at 10723 Airport Road
• Tuolumne – 18870 Birch Street
• Tuolumne – Corner of Parkview Lane and Chestnut Avenue
• Jamestown – Corner of 7th Avenue and 8th Street
• Big Oak Flat / Groveland – 11242 Wards Ferry Road
If you have any questions or need to report road related issues, please call Tuolumne County Public Works at (209) 533-5601, option #1 during regular business hours. After regular business hours, please call the Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Office at (209) 533-5815.
As always, please use caution when driving in winter conditions and if you must travel, be prepared. The public can monitor road closures on the County website here:

press release_storm preparations 2.29.24.pdf