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Board Committees

Ad hoc Committees:

The President shall appoint such ad hoc committees as may be deemed necessary or advisable by herself/himself and/or the Board. Ad hoc committees are formed for a specific, singular purpose and/or to reach a specific goal within a finite time period. The duties of ad hoc committees shall be outlined at the time of appointment, and the committee shall be considered dissolved when its final report has been made.

Standing Committees:

The Board’s standing committees may be assigned to review District functions, activities, and/or operations pertaining to their designated concerns, as specified at the time that the standing committee is formed. The standing committee’s purpose may be amended from time to time at the Board’s discretion. Said assignment may be made by the Board President, a majority vote of the Board, or on their own initiative. Any recommendations resulting from said review should be submitted to the Board via a written or oral report.