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2020 Lead and Copper Testing Results

Every 3 years GCSD is required to test for Lead and Copper in our water system. GCSD Staff delivers sample bottles to 20 locations where a sample will be drawn from a household tap. The District follows all requirements to comply with the strict state mandates regarding Lead and Copper. These mandates are specifically for this report described as "Action Levels." The Lead Action Level is 0.015 mg/l and the Copper Action Level is 1.3 mg/l. An exceedance of an Action Level would result in follow up testing to confirm the result is accurate. If confirmed, we would be required to determine the source of the problem and correct it. The process to determine Action Level results is reported as a 90th Percentile of the sites tested. All sample results for Lead are ND, meaning non-detect, which is to mean nothing found. The Copper 90th percentile of the 20 sites sampled is 0.047 which is far below the State Action Level.

Click the link below to view the full list of sample results.

2020 Lead and Copper Report