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2015 Draft Urban Water Management Plan

In accordane with the Urban Water Management Planning Act (California Water Code Sections 10610 to 10657), urban water suppliers are required to prepare an Uban Water Management Plan and update it every five years. The Groveland Community Services District has prepared its Draft 2015 UWMP, and is now available for public review.

The Districts Board of Directors will hold a public hearing to recieve and consider input regarding the proposed 2016 UWMP. The public hearing will be held Deember 19, 2016, at 10 am, in the District's Administration office at 18966 Ferretti Rd Groveland , Ca 95321.

The Draft 2015 UWMP is available for public review at the Districts Administration office and on the District's website. Comments can be provided up until the date of teh public hearing to:


Jon Sterling

General Manager

Groveland Community Services District

P.O. Box 350

Groveland, CA 95321



Groveland 2015 UWMP.pdf2015 UWMP Appendix.pdfAppendix E UWMP.pdf