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What is the Tuolumne County Fire Authority?

The Tuolumne County Fire Authority was formed to allow the member fire departments to join as a separate legal entity with the ability to levy a uniform and specific fire tax on parcels within its boundaries. The Fire Authority does not have separate staff and is not a new government agency that provides services on its own. Each fire department member of the Fire Authority maintains its own normally operating fire department with full autonomy in making decisions and setting its own service levels. The Fire Authority is most simply a legal means to seek voter approval to levy a separate special fire tax that secures funding only to be spent on fire services.

The Fire Authority is governed by a Board of Directors made up of one appointee and one alternate from each member fire department. As a voter, you elect the Board members who govern your local fire department, and who also sit on the Board of the Fire Authority. The Fire Authority Board meetings are open to the public and the Authority must file annual reports on the amount of fire special tax levied, collected and spent. More information on the Tuolumne County Fire Authority is available here.