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***WATER MAIN BREAK, Units 12 and  11***

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There is a water main break affecting Unit 12 and parts of Unit 11. A contractor struck GCSD’s water main and GCSD crews are being dispatched to perform the repair. Units 12 and parts of Unit 11 will be without water while the repair is being performed. There currently is no ETA as to when service will be restored to this area. Thank you for your patience while GCSD resolves the issue.

When water service i restored, you can expect air in the lines and milky water for a period of time.  Please run the water in your home briefly to expel trapped air; with the best practice running operating the fixture closest to the water meter first, and working your way through each faucet, shower and tub briefly until you get to the furtherst fixture away from the meter.  Try to wait to flush toilets until the majority of the air is gone.  It is not unusual for your pipes to cough and spit for a minute or two.  

HINT - catch the water in a pitcher and dump into a 5 gallon bucket to water plants.  If you continue to get air after 3-5 minutes (total) of flushing, wait for a half hour and repeat if necessary.  

SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE and thank you for your patience.