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Resolution 30-2020 Adopting the District's Final Amended 2020/2021 Fiscal Year Budget and Related Actions Resolution 29-2020 Approving the Big Creek/Second Garotte Clearwell Project and Authorize the General Manager to Proceed with Public Bidding Resolution 28-2020 Approving Implementation of the Previously Authorized Water and Sewer Rate Increase for the Fiscal Tear 20/21Resolution 27-2020 Establishing Groveland Fire Department Deployment Standards Relating to Distribution of Fire Stations and Response Time Goals for Incidents Including Multiple Unit Effective Response Force and Hazardous Materials Response Resolution 26-2020 Designating The Applicant's (District's) Agents for Agreement and Related Matters During Emergencies; Cal OES 130 Non-State AgenciesResolution 25-2020 Approving A Schedule A And Amador Contract With Cal Fire For The Fisval Years 2020/21 Through 2022/23 For Fire Protection And Emergency Response Services  Resolution 24-2020 Approving And Accepting The Updated Groveland Fire Mater Plan Update Prepared By CityGate AssociatesResolution 23-2020 Awarding A Contract To R&R Enterprises To Provide On Call Emergency, Small Capital Improvelment And Maintenance ServicesResolution 22-2020 Approving Subrecipient Agreement With The County Of Tuolumne For Funding Through The State Community Development Block Grant Program For The Downtown Groveland /Big Oak Flat Water Distribution System ImprovementsResolution 21-2020 Approving Amendments to Sewer Ordinance 1-2010 Article VII -Service Charges, Section 7.01 (e) Special Flat Rate for Significant Landscape Irrigation, to Modify the Method for Calculating Average Estimated Sewer Usage ChargesResolution 20-2020 Awarding Contracts to Moyle Excavation, Njirich & Sons, SMCI, Kens Asphalt, Hessler Construction to Provide On Call Emergency, Small Capital Improvment and Maintenance Services Resolution 19-2020 Awarding a Contract to Crook Logging for the Jones Hill Fuel Break Resolution 18-2020 Awarding a Contract to Hessler Construction for the 2020 Building Repairs Resolution 17-2020 Approving An Agreement With MID Valley Aviation, LLC For Annexation  Of The Parcels Contained Within The Airport Estates SubdivisionResolution 16-2020 Donation of a 2.6 Acre Portion of District Property to the County of Tuolumne for the Resilience Center Resolution 15-2020 Approving a Modified Family Medical Leave Act Policy that Mirrors Current Federal Requirements Due to COVID-19. Resolution 14-2020 Approving a Policy for Employees Working RemotelyResolution 13-2020 Altering the Regular Meeting Location Due to a Local Emergency Caused bt the Coronavirus Pandemic Resolution 12-2020 Authorizing the waiver of penalties and interest normally charged on delinquent utility accounts and to prohibit discontinuance of water service (lock-off) during the covid-19 pandemic emergency.Resolution 11-2020 Temporarily Authorize Increased Authority of the General ManagerResolution 10-2020 Approve Agreement with Bendix Electric and Capital Budget Amendment in the amount of $9000 for the Repairs at Lift Station 11. Resolution 09-2020 Accepting and Implementing The Standard Drawings Produced By The Tuolumne Utilities District As AmendedResolution 08-2020 Adopting Revised Budget PoliciesResolution 07-2020 Adopting Revised Board Resolutions PolicyResolution 06-2020 Adopting A Revised Annexation PolicyResolution 05-2020 Authorizing The Execution And Delivery By The District Of A Construction Installment Sale Agreement And Authorizing The Execution Of Other Necessary Documents And Related ActionsResolution 04-2020 Approving Staff To Apply For A Grant To Sonora Area Foundation For Movies In The ParkResolution 03-2020 Approving The Nomination Of Peter J. Kampa As A Candidate For CSDA Board Of Directors Resolution 02-2020 Approving A MOU Between The District, County Of Tuolumne And Jamestown Fire Protection DistrictResolution 01-2020 Approving A Fire Department Capital Equipment Replacment Program