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Leak Adjustment Policy

Important Notice

Effective April 1, 2017 the District’s Leak Adjustment Policy will change. Only leaks undetectable and not considered a household maintenance responsibility will be considered for an adjustment. Toilet, hot water, and sprinkler leaks are no longer eligible for adjustments.  Please find the new Board approved leak adjustment policy below:

106.14 Water and Sewer Account Leak Adjustment Requests

The General Manager, or the Office Manager in his/her absence, is authorized to adjust a customer’s water or sewer service account when their bill reflects usage that is significantly greater than normal, due to accidental loss of water through broken pipes or other failures in the property’s plumbing system, subject to the following conditions:

A. The customer account shows no record of being delinquent for more than 60 days during the past 24 months.

B. One (1) leak adjustment will be granted within a 24 month period and may not span more than one billing cycle.

C. No adjustment for an irrigation leak will be given (any leaks associated with irrigation systems are not eligible).

D. Immediate steps were taken, after detection of the leak, to prevent further loss of water AND customer must have repaired the leak within 14 days of being notified or when the leak was discovered.

E. Leak must be deemed undetectable by the homeowner; no adjustment will be granted for  internal plumbing leaks which are considered to be a household maintenance responsibility; and/or eligible for insurance payment.

F. Hoses or faucets left on by customer are not eligible for adjustments.

G. Leak adjustments must be applied for in writing within 30 days of receipt of billing.

I. Proof of the repair must be provided (receipts for any materials or services related to that repair). Only leaks in excess of three times the owner’s last year consumption for the same read period will be considered for adjustment.

K. All gallons in excess will be rebilled at the District’s Baseline Usage Rate and be due and payable upon the next billing cycle.

L. No leak adjustments will be granted during District declared drought status.

M. No leak adjustments will be granted during the District’s operation of its Alternative Water Supply (AWS).