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Community Facilities District 2021-1 Formed for Park and Fire Services

On July 13, 2021, the GCSD Board of Directors formed a Community Facilities District (CFD) to fund the cost of expanding fire and park services in the future as population and service demand increases.  The CFD is intended to offset and mitigate the fiscal impact of new development on these services, and applies only to properties that have annexed to the CFD.  Funding from the CFD will be used to pay the operating costs for the park and fire services, including staffing, materials, supplies, maintenance, fuel, insurances, tools and all other expenses except additional new fire engines, new park and fire buildings and facilities.  The CFD description and FAQ below provide helpful information, and the offical CFD formation documents are also linked below.  Please call the office if you have any questions.    

Groveland CSD CFD 2021-1 Description.pdfGCSD CFD 2021-1 Frequently Asked Questions.pdfCFD Annexation Area Boundary Map.pdfGroveland CSD Final Fiscal Impact Analysis Report.pdfCFD 2021-1 Special Tax Ordinance.pdfResolution Forming CFD 2021-1.pdfResolution of Intention to Form CFD 2021-1.pdfGCSD Local Goals and Policies Related to CFDs.pdfResolution Establishing the Definition of New Development.pdfCFD Public Discussion 11-04-21.pdf