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Adopted Management Objectives

The District Board of Directors is responsible to adopt policies for the governance and administration of the District services.  The Board is required to hire a General Manager to administer the day to day affairs of the District.  The Board also adopts a vision, mission, strategies, goals and objectives; which is then delegated to the General Manager for implementation. 

The GCSD Board with the General Manager in opn, public meetings have jointly developed a comprehensive slate of management objectives that prescribe the expectations for General Manager performance/achievements.  The Management Objectives are updated annually and achievement of the Objectives is reviewed by the Board on a quarterly basis.   

At the end of each year the General Manager produces a Performance Report detailing the challenges, opportunities and accomplishments of the District for the prior year.  The Performance Report is a key component of evaluation of the performance of the General Manager and the successes GCSD in delivering responsible services.  The Performance Report is available below.   

2018-2019 FY GM Performance Report.pdf2019-2020 FY GM Managment Goals and Objectives